How To Plan Exactly What Your Young Child With Autism Needs To Enjoy The Christmas Season 

In 5 simple steps during the Autism Christmas Challenge

Learn brilliant ways to deal with anxiety 

How to deal with school and what to say to be a good advocate for your child 

Plan how to adapt life to meet your child's needs in advance so you are prepared and confident 

Learn some great tools to communicate what is going to happen with your child

Support and training given via Facebook group and email 

This experience is completely free and a gift from me to you to ensure your family has the best Christmas ever  

All my love 

Jenny Palmer xxx

Founder of Help Understanding Autism 

Autism Christmas Planning Challenge!

Join us as we spend time together as a group working out how to support your child with autism over the Christmas season. Training kicks off 26th November and lasts for 2 weeks

Your Guide Through This Holiday Season

My name is Jenny Palmer and i show parents of children with autism aged 2-12 exactly what they need to do to help their children progress and how to apply it in real life. My speciality is showing parents how to assess what their child with autism needs, create a framework that fits into everyday life and decide which tools to use from my extensive library of evidence based strategies. I SHOW parents not tell exactly how to break strategies up and fit it into their already busy, often stressful lives I help them become confident, highly skilled experts and advocates for their children and have more time to lead their calmer more peaceful lives.