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Because no parent should have to figure this out alone

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Have you spent hours trawling the web desperately searching for ways to help your young child with autism?



Does creating visual timetables fill you with dread? The thought of creating a sensory diet make you want a little lie down? And writing social stories make you ugly cry?


Do the millions of tools out there to help deal with big emotions, meltdowns and anxiety send your brain into a spin?

 Or do you simply have no idea where to start?

 If this is you then I am here to help.


My name is Jenny Palmer and I work with parents of children with autism aged two to twelve

I show them what they need to do to help their children progress and how to apply it in real life.

I specialize in guiding parents on how to assess what their child with autism needs - creating frameworks that fit into their everyday life and helping them to decide which tools to use from my extensive library of evidence based strategies


SHOW not tell....

I show parents not tell them how to break strategies up and fit them into their already busy and often stressful lives.

 I help them become confident, highly skilled experts and advocates for their children allowing them more time to lead calmer, happier lives.


Nobody should have to experience the fear that some parents have felt - that our children are vulnerable and being failed. No child should be left to “get on with it,” until they tick enough boxes only to sit on a different waiting list.

 I work with a tribe of big hearted, loving parents who don’t accept that they have to sit and wait. They are action takers and just need a guide to point them in the right direction

That guide is me. 

I show them where to start and how to build upon their child's needs.  I want to help them become strong and independent so they and their child can have the family life they always imagined.


Some parents come to me fearing deep down they don’t have what it takes to meet their children's needs.  They cannot visualize how this will ever change but it can.  I am no stranger to this overwhelming fear and can completely relate to this.

 We go at the child and parent’s pace - not my expectations. 

 Every family is different and I honour that.

My Purpose

When parents tell me they have got this and their chaotic lives are returned to the peace they once had, allowing them time to focus on other areas of life, then my work is done.


This is my purpose and nothing brings me more joy than hearing that the parents that I have cooperated with feel strong enough to walk the rest of their path without me.


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